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  • Thank You for 16 years!

    Thank You for 16 years!

    What can I say except THANK YOU to all of our wonderful clients and friends! In March of 2014, Kowalski Engineering will celebrate SIXTEEN YEARS in business.  Yes, of course, it is an uncommon anniversary to celebrate.  But, common is boring.  Which is why we’ve designed retaining walls with FOAM backfill, we’ve fixed landslides, we’ve investigated large retaining wall failures, and we’ve had some very creative solutions for our clients. We’ve had the good fortune of working in Hawaii, Canada, […]

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  • Why a contract with your retaining wall engineer is important

    Why a contract with your retaining wall engineer is important

    Obviously, retaining wall design involves contracts.  These contracts between the Engineer and the Client are important.  Does the contract benefit both parties?  Is using contracts a win-win? Contracts are important to: 1.    Memorialize everyone’s understanding of each party’s roles and responsibilities; 2.    Reach a mutual understanding of the project requirements; 3.    Establish the rules to which the parties will adhere; and, 4.    To identify and allocate risk fairly. A good contract fairly allocates reasonable risk to both parties, based on […]

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  • Why run 314 miles across Tennessee?

    Why run 314 miles across Tennessee?

    314 miles. 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Outrageous humidity. Steep mountains. Trucks roaring by. Feet pounding the hot asphalt for more than a week. Why would anyone want to run all the way across Tennessee in July?!? TO SUPPORT: www.afsp.org Boston Strong TAKE SOME TIME TO LEARN ABOUT, AND DONATE TO, THESE WONDERFUL ORGANIZATIONS! VOL STATE RUN ACROSS TENNESSEE INFO HERE Joseph Kowalski, P.E. www.RetainingWallExpert.com Current State PE Registrations

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  • Professional Engineer (PE) Licenses for Joe Kowalski

    States of P.E. Registration

    [simplemap] Kowalski Engineering, Inc. is a registered Engineering Corporation only in the State of Ohio. Joseph W. Kowalski, P.E. is a Registered Professional Engineer in: OH, KY, IN, SC, WI, MI, MD, GA, AL, NC, TX, CT, ID, OR, PA, CO, TN, HI, OK, VA, WA, NY *This list is current as of  September 3, 2014.  Contact us to confirm registration in these or additional states.

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